KIPLING創業於1987年比利時時裝之都 ─ 安特衛普 (Antwerp);擁有無限創意及創業精神,三位充滿熱誠的創辦人,決意設計一系列可配襯時裝潮流又價錢合理的女性輕便手袋。憑著實力、強而有力的形象,以及一系列多元化、時尚、耐用及優質的手袋,KIPLING於三十年間,由一間小型公司,發展成為一個國際知名及實力雄厚的品牌,在時裝界寫下輝煌一頁。而每款手袋均掛著的KIPLING Monkey,更是風靡全球的品牌吉祥物。KIPLING為全球64個國家、4千萬熱愛時裝的女士,設計各款時尚、高品質、實用、價錢合理兼獨一無二的手袋;不論工作、購物、運動或晚宴,適合每天不同場合。

 KIPLING story is one of great passion, creative and entrepreneurial spirit. It all started in 1987 in a small flat in Antwerp, the city of fashion. Three keen enthusiasts decided to make their entrance into the fashion world with a trendy yet affordable collection of bags. Armed with a strong brand, a powerful image, and an extensive range of fashionable, practical and high quality bags, KIPLING has been busy conquering the world over the last 30 years. Every bag has its own mascot monkey dangling from it. Today, KIPLING plays a part in the everyday life of millions of women in 67 countries throughout the world. Their KIPLING accompanies them on their way to work, on their shopping trips, whilst playing sports, at work, and on their evenings out. No wonder because KIPLING bags are simply unique, they are not only super trendy but they are also of high quality, practical and affordable.